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Blue Star is the perfect Wallingford Seattle restaurant to meet, eat and be social. Our menu features fresh ingredients and several healthy options. We offer over 40 unique egg dishes, flavorful lunches, and tasty pub dinners… everyday, in a relaxing atmosphere. Don’t know what to try? Why not one of our customer’s favorites – Top Gun Scramble, Dynamite Loaded Burger, or the house slow roasted Prime Rib Dip.

Picked as a Top Spot in Favorite World Cities on “MSN.com’s Ask the Locals“- what an honor!

Welcome to the Cafe and Pub. Well known as the neighborhood’s everyday eatery. Our Wallingford Seattle restaurant specializes in eggs, burgers, and beer.


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    1. Wendy Morales:

      Hi There,
      We just discovered your message buried inside our wordpress website ~ apologies for the delay! The day you were visiting us would have to go down in history as the craziest business day ever. The Fremont Parade changed their time … and this (unbeknownst to us) brought in 300% more business than we expected…exactly between 4:30 – 6pm. Truthfully, we were severely understaffed in all areas. And I do believe you were served by one of our brand new servers, unprepared for what unfolded that evening. I sincerely appreciate your message, and genuinely hope we can earn your trust back! I’d love to send you a gift card to compensate for your less than wonderful dinner. I can be reached by phone at 206.228.0664 or email: hello@bluestarcafeandpub.com
      My Best to You,
      Wendy Morales

    2. Wendy Morales:

      Hi Ken,
      I apologize for my late response ~ our website doesn’t do a great job of alerting me when we have messages.
      Thank you for sharing this incredibly unprofessional (and unsanitary) information with me. I’m as shocked as you are about the server’s actions.
      I will make sure everyone is fully informed and remind them about the do’s and don’ts! I’m gratefully sorry this took place at the Blue Star.
      My Best to you,
      Wendy Morales

    3. Wendy Morales:

      Hi Aaron,
      I apologize about your weekend experience with Rocio’s service at the Blue Star. She has a huge heart and a passion to serve, so I’m so disappointed that you were not served well.
      This is a great reminder for my staff to take time with all tables no matter how busy they may be. Please give us the opportunity to serve you again! Your business is so very appreciated!!

      My Best,
      Wendy Morales

    4. Wendy Morales:

      Hi Ken,
      I wanted to let you know that my bar managers were aware of this situation and addressed it immediately ~ I’m following up with everyone as well! So grateful for you message!

      Best, Wendy

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