February 11, 2016

Sorry, Trumer, it’s not that we don’t still love you…

but how could we say ‘no’ to Ninkasi’s limited edition Sterling Pilsner? Yes it’s true that Trumer Brauerei holds the title for The World’s Best Pilsner, but Ninkasi’s Northwest attempt touched our heart and made us more than curious.

Sterling Pilsner “Sterling Pils is a German-style Pilsner brewed with North American ingredients — including Sterling hops from Washington, Premium Pilsner malt from Montana and Idaho and some of the best brewing water in the world from the Pacific Northwest.” – Ninkasi Brewing, Eugene Oregon

Hurry in and let us pour you a pint of this sweet, subtle, and oh-so-crispy beer before this relationship turns into just another empty keg.

— Cheers to drinking responsibly!