Murderous Mischief

We’ve reached that point again. We’ve reached that point at the

Blue Star Cafe and Pub where I will buy a round of drinks (or a

burger for the wussies) for everyone on the team that can beat the

guys that win every week. If you’re interested in a round of

microbrewed amber, come down next week to beat Team We’ve Got a

Smart-On. Bring your howling quiz-elites, your wikipedia monkeys,

and your weird friend that knows too much, because I think it’s time

to unseat these smug jerks!

Well, they’re pretty nice folks after all,

but still! You can’t win every week Team We’ve Got a


Last night we supped on songs to murder to, rounds on the pile of suck

that is Jared Leto, general badasses, and some two-hit wonders. A

tricky feat for our quiz victims who groaned themselves through many a

head-scratcher. I rather like these harder quizzes, not just because I

enjoy feasting on your cries of dismay, but because you know whoever

won really earned it!

Also, many thanks to our trainee, Scott, who took over a few rounds

while I got to go around and schmooze with all you fine folks!

Second to none, Team Penultimate



excited and awesome group, we were glad to have you back! Also, really

easy to figure out who you were Team Pink


Drinky Face of the month goes to Team

Spring Trainees!

And finally, Team Vicious and Delicious (Squared), who finally

got back into the top 3 after weeks of hard work! Glad to have you

folks back!

The Scores

We've Got a Smart-On 53

The penultimate corndogs 46

Vicious and Delicious Squared 42

Sheen Machines 35

Safety Meeting 33

Oh Crap 31

The Pink Pirates 24

That Guy 20

The Spring Trainees 18

Douche Nozzle 10