February 6, 2016

Bosco, Babkas, and Babu

Last night the Blue Star Cafe and Pub played host to a
fantastic, nay, I’ll say EPIC themed pub quiz. Last night the Blue
Star Cafe and Pub
witnessed the heights of triumph, the depths of
defeat, and the bottoms of many a pint glass. Last night I was able to
hand someone two hundred and fifty dollars for the simple fact of
loving a particular nineties sitcom so much. This was the kind of
night that reminded me how much I love our damn pub quiz.

Seinfeld Pub Quiz

After the bar overflowed and stuffed with much more than its normal
capacity, the sudden lack of supplies, and a late start time, we
launched into the glorious Seinfeld Pub Quiz with a laugh, a stumble,
and a cheer. After the first two rounds we had four five-way ties
separated by naught more than one point apiece. The air was rife with
competition and immediately I had one or two whiners trying to tell me
what I should or should not do with points. When it’s this competitive
though, I’m going to be worse than the Soup Nazi, so if I told you to
shove it… nothing personal. Same goes for being hard on you folks
for “joiners”.

After a dollop of rounds on Minor Characters, Elaine’s Boyfriends, and
some groaning over the last season of Seinfeld, we had Team
in the lead (not to be confused with Team Bosco #1).
Following quickly on their heels was Team Seinfeld 4, Team
Serenity Now
, and Team Little Jerrys. As we settled into
the last three rounds the bar was ruled by silence broken only by the
urgent whispers of team members. The last two rounds were a TOTAL
upset as the previously mentioned teams were knocked down to 7th, 8th,
and other places to be overtaken by Team Nobody Beats the Wiz,
Team The Rat Hats, and Team No Elaine, That’s Gibberish!

I can’t imagine how amazing it would be if every pub quiz night was
like this! Will you all come back? Please?! It was just too much fun!
Even if I’m nursing a headache with some aspirin and feel like I’ve
been run over by a Kramer-driven truck…

We’ll be back to our normal all-subjects and all-free pub quiz next
week, but we sure did have fun with this one! Take a look:

Look at this mighty fine set of beards and
flannel on Team Bosco. I nearly gave them a point for bein’ so
darn manly (and nearly my number while I was at it).

My biggest critics but with the loudest
laughs, Team Seinfeld 4!

Team Vicious and Delicious was
here, and the best sports of the night. “We’ve been watching for
Seinfeld for three days and the only reason we’re not last is because
the other team left after round 5!”

And Finally,

Good job Team Nobody Beats the Wiz!

The Scores:

Nobody Beats the Wiz                      	72
The Rat Hats	                                68
No Elaine, That's Gibberish                 	68
Weberhoff	                                67
Semper Fidelis Tyrannosaurus              	64
The "He Took It Out(s)"                   	64
Bosco                                       	63
Serenity Now	                                60
The Little Jerrys                       	59
Seinfeld 4                                  	57
Buck Naked                                	57
Drew	                                        54
The Chocolate Babkas                    	54
The Anti-Dentites                       	53
Hoochie Mamas                                	52
Der Volksbitch                             	51
The Schmohawks                               	49
Waldorf Worldwide                        	45
Bosco #1	                                42
Boomboxygen	                                39
Urban Sombreros	                                36
Densmore Gang                                 	35
Can't Stand Jaz                           	32
Clown College                              	31
Vicious and Delicious & Thirsty Pretzels	28
Duct Tape	                                25

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