Pub Trivia Recap – what a night!

Before I go into my lovely recap of last night’s quiz, I wanted to

first let any and all of you know that the The Blue Star Cafe and

Pub will be hosting the SECOND ANNUAL ALL SEINFELD PUB

QUIZ, and we will be the only pub in Seattle doing it. So mark

your calendars for February 28 and watch a few Seinfeld

marathons because the competition will be intense! Teams are limited

to six players apiece, and there’s an admission fee of $5 per player.

The winning team will take home a cash purse between $200 and $500

(depending on total number of players).

Details Here: Seinfeld Quiz at the Blue Star

So excited!

However, last night is the true topic of this blog so I will continue

on with the regularly scheduled program. Many a groan was directed in

my direction last night after some grueling rounds on cop shows,

rivers, and the narcissistic Madonna. Some perked up at video game

villians, some giggled with glee over Dragnet quotes, and most of you

did a jig when the music was “time”-ly. All in all it was another

fantastic quiz night at The Blue Star Cafe and Pub!

Team Rocking Out With the Nannies held a good lead for the

start of the night, but eventually were overtaken by two teams that

had not spent most of their time in the top three, or even the top

six! Team Our Force is Strong But Our Answers Are Wrong proved

their name ironic by fighting their way to the lead, followed closely

by Team We Got Our Smart On who were besieged by having to

split their forces to keep the team smaller than six. The most

intriguing point of the night was however the very first SUDDEN DEATH

ROUND we’ve had at The Blue Star! The two teams slammed their

hands upon the bar counter and heatedly discussing Orion’s right

armpit, before we were satisfied:

The winning team! First place went to:

Team We Got Our Smart On!

Followed closely by the lovely cast of

Team Our Force is Strong But Our Answers Are Wrong

Team Rocking Out With the Nannies

were newbies, but they didn’t go home empty handed! Third Place and

their picture all over the internet.

The Scores

We've Got a Smart On 68

Our Force is Strong but Our Answers are Wrong 65

Rocking out with the Nannies 55

The Lady Senators 50

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