February 7, 2016

Proudly Serving..Cage-Free Eggs

By switching to cage free eggs we’re contributing to a greener & more sustainable tomorrow, plus largely improving the life of the hen.  By aligning ourselves with Wilcox Farms (100 years, family operated), we’re supporting our local farmer and their investment of $3+ million, so they can meet the standards of both Humane Farm Animal Care and Food Alliance.

And because of our success at serving up a delicious breakfast in Seattle, our order quantity allowed Costco Business Center in Lynnwood to add this item onto their floor, making it available everyday. Not an easy thing to accomplish! This new availability makes it easier for smaller businesses to make the switch to cage-free eggs too.

All this set aside, the eggs actually taste better!! We were quite pleased to see the perky yolks and taste the sweetness of this product. Come in and try it for yourself!